Advisory Services

Help and advice from Montessori Professionals

Classroom consultations, staff training, substitute teaching, and parent education for Montessori schools.

In-House Training for Schools

Note: This training does not replace a WMI qualification but will provide good basics to work with while your staff are studying. 

Theme: Montessori theory explained through practical activities & materials.

•  The visiting lecturer will adapt this theme to suit the needs of the school or pre-school.

•  The short course will not replace Montessori training.

•  The short course may also be suitable as a refresher for qualified Montessori teachers.

​Advisory Services for Schools and Pre-Schools



WMI offers a support service for those using the educational philosophies and method of Maria Montessori.



Group lectures designed to inspire and provide a deeper understanding of the Montessori Method.


Seminars for parents, school management and others interested in discovering more about the Montessori method.




Lectures for Montessori teachers based on the Montessori philosophy and its practical applications.

Observations and advisory services in Montessori schools and pre-schools.


Bridging programme for new Montessori schools and pre-schools - See In-House Training (above).


For schools and preschools that wish to be classroom practice sites for WMI students, see details of Classroom Practice Pack (below). This includes a full day’s observation, staff advice and an evening lecture for staff or parents.

Substitute Montessori educators. A qualified Montessori pedagog can come and substitute in your classroom (short term, by advance arrangement). 


Norway, Sweden and Ireland (special rates for students and customers of WMI). 
Schools in other countries can be visited by arrangement. Contact us

Bridging Program

A bridging step for new Montessori schools / pre-schools

1.    In-house training

2.    Mentoring & pedagogical guidance

3.    Parent education

If you are starting a Montessori school and want guidance and advice to help you in the set-up stages of your school or pre-school, we can provide ongoing mentoring, in-house training and parent education. 

This will not replace Montessori qualifications but will provide an interim solution while your staff are studying.

Rates for Advisory Services

Substitute Montessori Educator

Contact us for availability. Must be arranged at least 3 days in advance.

Per hour rate

Per day rate (6 hours)


650 nok plus travel and subsistence where applicable

3500 nok plus travel and subsistence where applicable

Lecture for Staff or Parents

4000 nok plus travel and subsistence

2 - 3 hours

Observation and Advisory Services

7000 nok plus travel and subsistence

Full day (5-7 hours)

Classroom Practice Pack

9000 nok plus travel and subsistence

For WMI practice sites
Includes full day observation & advisory service plus an evening lecture

In-House Training

Up to 15 attendees (1 trainer)

16-30 attendees (2 trainer) 


12000 nok plus travel and subsistence

20000 nok plus travel and subsistence

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