About Waterpark Montessori International

Educators of the Human Potential

Here at Waterpark Montessori International, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with a variety of supports and services. 

We started training Montessori educators in 1999 and since then have developed dedicated online systems which can be used by Montessori students, educators, parents and pupils.  It is from our knowledge of the needs of Montessori teachers that Flex Montessori was born.

Our goal is to interpret the work of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) by emphasising her philosophy of living life at all ages with fulfilment and joy, respect for others and the environment, and a commitment to active peace.

We work for this goal by training and inspiring Montessori educators, by advising Montessori schools, preschools, training organisations and parents, by building software programs for Montessori educators, schools and pupils, and by providing ancillary courses and publications. At all times, we strive to maintain the highest international standards for Montessori education. 

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