Entry Requirements

For Montessori Diploma Programmes

For entry requirements for other, non-diploma, programmes see details on course information pages. 

​​1.  At least one year of third level education.




Three years of relevant experience (including work with children or any form of education, social work, caring professions or, in some cases, hands-on parenting). If in doubt about your experience, please contact us on admin@waterparkmontessori.com. The applicant will write a 500 word submission outlining their experience, the personal and professional learning gained from that experience and their reasons for wishing to study Montessori education. This application will be assessed by a member of the tutoring staff of WMI and verified by the college leader or a member of the Board of Examiners.

2.  A good standard of English – written and verbal.


3.  A curriculum vitae and copies of transcripts of previous education must be provided within one month of application. You will receive a request for these after completing your application. 

4.  A certificate of police authorisation to work with children must be provided before you begin any classroom practice/practicum module.


5.  Sufficient computer literacy to use our online learning platform.

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