Specialising in 9-12 Years

In-depth Montessori theory, practical materials, and practicum relating to the child 9-12 (and 6-12) years. Learn how to apply Montessori principles for 9-12 year olds in a Montessori school and in everyday life. Includes comprehensive training on use and creation of age-appropriate Montessori materials. 

9-12 Diploma Course Content

(All 4 modules required):

Practical Module 9-12A:

  • Two onsite workshops*, totalling 6 + 3 days in one year

  • Assignments include creation of Montessori albums and materials 

  • Module A runs in odd-numbered years (2019,2021,2023, etc.)

  • Subjects include practical life and Montessori music for 6-12 years, and mathematics (geometry, algebra and arithmetic) for 9-12 years


Practical Module 9-12B:

  • Two onsite workshops*, totalling 6 + 3 days in one year

  • Assignments include creation of Montessori albums and materials

  • Runs in even-numbered years (2018, 2020, 2022, etc.) 

  • Subjects include culture (Cosmic Stories, arts, humanities and sciences), and language (grammar, language skills and literature)

Theory Module:

  • Core Montessori theory plus theory relating to children 6-12 years

  • Fully online - see Calendar​ page for dates


Classroom Practice Module: 

  • 400 hours Montessori internship in your own area 

  • Online assignments and discussion groups 


*Practical modules can be taken in any order. Bi-annual materials workshops are held in Oslo, Norway but there are often workshops in other countries. Contact us​ for information on other workshop locations.

Entry Requirements

For Montessori Diploma Programmes

1.  At least one year of third level education.


Three years of relevant experience (including work with children or any form of education, social work, caring professions or, in some cases, hands-on parenting). If in doubt about your experience, please contact us on admin@waterparkmontessori.com. The applicant will write a 500 word submission outlining their experience, the personal and professional learning gained from that experience and their reasons for wishing to study Montessori education. This application will be assessed by a member of the tutoring staff of WMI and verified by the college leader or a member of the Board of Examiners.

2.  A good standard of English – written and verbal.

3.  A curriculum vitae and copies of transcripts of previous education must be provided within one month of application. You will receive a request for these after completing your application. 

4.  A certificate of police authorisation to work with children must be provided before you begin any classroom practice/practicum module.

5.  Sufficient computer literacy to use our online learning platform.

Admissions & Accreditation

Apply here, or by clicking the button below. A new site will open, follow the steps detailed. Your submitted application will be reviewed within a few days. Once accepted, you will receive an email containing terms and conditions of enrolment. To accept the terms, respond to the email with a statement indicating your acceptance. Once this has been done and payment arranged, your student profile will be activated and you may begin your studies.

This diploma programme is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). See accreditation page for more information.  

Costs & Hours

Other costs involved include travel to workshops and purchase of reading materials.

60 credits / 1200 - 1800 hours

For fees, see course tuition page.

Start & End Date

Start when you're ready!

You may begin with a theory or practical module. Enrolment is year-round so you can access learning materials from the moment you begin. See our calendar page for upcoming dates! 

Students have 3 years from start of first module to complete diploma programmes. 

An extension of one year is possible. Further extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances. 

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