Insight Online: Special Needs

You must have a Montessori qualification to complete this module. 

Who is it for?

Montessori guides who wish to apply their Montessori skills and knowledge to working with children with special needs.


This course revisits Montessori theory and activities and guides students in adapting them to a variety of special needs in children of all ages.


What is involved?

  • Study a brief overview of the theory on special needs and on behavioural problems in children (online).

  • Reflect upon, interpret and analyse Montessori theory and practice for children with special needs, finding practical solutions in real situations

  • Revisit Montessori theory and practical materials (online)

  • Observe a child or children with special needs and learn to develop appropriate activities for them

  • Support from an online tutor

  • Study 5 chapters with self-assessments online

  • Submit 2 assignment

  • Assignments include one reflective essay and the preparation of one practical activity

Entry: A Montessori qualification including theory and practical activities

Start Date: Any time

Study time limit: One year

Credits: 15 / 300 - 450 hours

Price: €599 

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