Montessori Leadership

Introduction to basic management and leadership theory, learning how to apply Montessori principles when managing a Montessori school. 

Who is it for?

Montessori leaders who wish to apply Montessori principles to the management of a Montessori school, so that it can support better the general ethos of the Montessori philosophy and method of education. 

This  study is self-directed and assignments are optional, however they will be useful in creating a portfolio of your learning.


Candidates must have a thorough understanding of Montessori theory, preferably have completed at least the theory module or Understanding Montessori

What is involved?

  • Study of five aspects of leadership: Montessori & Leadership; Leading with Inspiration; The Custodian of the Environment; An Environment for the Team; Montessori & Managing Change.

  • Each section gives general management theory and ideas for how these theories can be adapted to Montessori schools. 

  • Reflection and observation are emphasised and learners are asked to reflect upon theory and devise new ways of managing that fit with the Montessori ethos.

  • Learners keep a reflective journal and manage two sessions to help staff and/or parents to make attitude changes to support understanding of Montessori theory.

  • Study 5 sections with self-assessments online. 

  • Guidelines for 2 optional assignments to include in your portfolio

Entry Criteria: Thorough understanding of Montessori theory

Start date: Any time

Time limit: One year

Price: €399


On the application page, select Montessori Insight - Insight Montessori Courses. 


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